Hi,I'm Margalo.


I've been a writer, ghostwriter, editor, and teacher for more than 25 years for a wide variety of platforms in a wide variety of subject areas. I also worked in publishing for nine years, as well as both public and private health. 


My personal and professional journeys have led to experience with suicide prevention, memory loss, chronic diseases, social justice, mental health, hospice, sustainability, crisis intervention, reflexology, reiki, and grief counseling. I hold master's degrees in English Literature and Public Health, both of which have helped shape my approaches to writing, editing, and coaching.

I initially added book coaching to my repertoire because, when self-publishing started becoming easy and popular, I saw many books out there that contained potentially compelling, persuasive stories but whose value was overshadowed by the kinds of mistakes that inexperienced writers are bound to make: inconsistencies, repetition, information and time gaps, too many details, or too few... 

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Substantial editing would have fixed those problems. Coaching would have fixed the problems and given the authors tools to take with them into future writing projects. I enjoy being able to streamline, tighten, and polish people's books, but I also wanted to help them become stronger, more confident, writers.

A small number of people (and I envy them) are able to simply decide to write a book, sit down, and pound one out. Others, and most people are in this group, have stories they're passionate about sharing, but they have no idea where to start.


They have overcome daunting personal or professional struggles, gained profound wisdom, and could inspire hearts and transform lives if they could only get their stories onto the page and into the hands, minds, and hearts of the readers who need them.

Whether helping someone start or strengthen their writing,

I love my work.


It's stimulating and gratifying, and when I'm not coaching, writing, editing, speaking, or blogging, I'm usually reading, crocheting, doing t'ai chi, hiking, or fulfilling my full-time duties as cat valet extraordinaire to the magnificent Tyler.



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