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Write your truth.

Write with power.

Share your knowledge.

Imagine a world awakened, 

challenged, and empowered

by your personal story.

Hi, I'm Márgalo.

I help rebelsvisionaries, healers, and thought provocateurs use their stories to inspire, incite, and effect necessary change. 

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 Transformative Storytelling Techniques

for Memoir Writers


  • You have powerful knowledge, insight, and hard-won wisdom from your life, work, and the challenges you've overcome, but never thought of yourself as a writer.

  • You are a writer, but this is your first attempt at memoir and you're uncertain about the rules and subtleties of nonfiction storytelling.

  • You feel overwhelmed by details, and don't know  where to start. Or you've started, but feel stuck and don't know how to move forward. 

  • You have a first draft, but don't know what steps to take next to turn it into a publishable book that says what you want it to say.


There is power in the writing process and the deep journey of exploration involved in transformative storytelling. Powerful writing leads to a powerful product. A powerful product moves people. When you start a movement, transformation begins.

What People Say

Jennifer Shepley

"My experience was a fantastic one! Margalo helped me organize, stay on task, and educated me on how to pull my readers in. I could never have done this without her.

Stu Lippincott

"Margalo is the quintessential communicator. She has helped me get better with my writing because she is so clear about crafting a clear message. She knows how to get a point across, and brings in the perfect example each time to make it. When she's helped me with writing her direction has been unambiguous, but she's not standing over me with a switch. She is patient, and her love of language shines in how she coaxes ideas from "in my head" to "out on the screen".  Her teaching reflects her joy in it.

Alexandra Phillips

"Margalo, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for continuing to offer us your awesome workshops. I heard from the teen librarian at Bartram Trail that you did a phenomenal job at her branch. The knowledge you share with these students can make such a difference! Looking forward to collaborating again soon! 


Start your transformative journey now.