Nonfiction 1:1 Coaching

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You're a health professional with valuable knowledge to share from the field, or a non-professional who has considerable personal experience with a serious health issue. Your strong sense of purpose in helping others is leading you to write a book that promotes health, healing, wellness, and well-being. A book also establishes your expertise in the public arena, acts as a business card, and opens doors to writing, speaking, and consulting engagements. 

You may have already attempted to start your book, but find that while you can speak about your topic easily enough, that's very different from putting your ideas down on paper. You suddenly realize that you don't know where to begin, or how to organize the information so that it will make the most sense, and be most useful, to your readers.

One-to-one coaching can help you get your information laid out and organized in a logical, professional manner, help you craft your lead-in and conclusion, identify information gaps, and find your writing voice - one that is authentic, credible, and accessible to your intended audience.

One-Time 90-minute Consultation Call $195 (click link to book now)

This call can be used to help you get clear on your topic and message, answer a specific question about a trouble spot in your manuscript, or get you over a roadblock in your writing.

4-Call Coaching Package $475 (click link to book now)

This package consists of weekly 60-minute sessions over the course of 4 consecutive weeks. It can be especially useful when you have a partial manuscript and need some help moving your writing forward. It can also give you the strong start you need to write your first few chapters if you're already clear on your topic, and have your research and outline ready to go.


Ongoing Support for the Duration of Your Project $125/hr (3-session minimum $375) (click link to book now)

This is a flexible choice for those who are taking their time writing, whether due to preference or time constraints. Sessions can be scheduled as you go along.


Be the SourceTM Deluxe Coaching Program

For those ready to take the plunge into book writing, the deluxe coaching program might be what you're looking for. This 6-month intensive program will help you get clear on your topic, theme, takeaway, and audience. Together, we will optimize your information's organization and flow, as well as the most effective voice and tone for your book. I'll show you how to break down the writing process into manageable pieces, and help keep you accountable through weekly assignments that you'll submit prior to our next session.

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Either way, I'm excited to learn about you and your writing goals!