Free your truth, embrace your power, be heard. It’s time to share your struggle, triumph, and hard-won wisdom with the world. 

You’re ready.


sage (adj.) wise, through experience and reflection


Dear Author,

You have a powerful story to tell. Unique insight and expertise that you’ve gained from the challenges you have faced and the obstacles you’ve overcome. There are readers out there who are waiting for your insight and expertise as only you can say it. Don’t play it small. Believe, because it’s true, that your book can be the force behind personal, community, even global transformation. You seek a safe space to explore your memories, and a compassionate guide to accompany you on your journey. Here's a program that will help you give voice to your inner sage.


From Sage to PageTM is a dynamic 16-week one-to-one program that will enable you to:


  • Propel your story out of your head and onto the page or screen

  • Own the strength and authority that you have earned and that you embody

  • Empower others with the benefit of your wisdom and experience

  • Explore your memories and emotions, and gain the insight that makes deep healing possible

  • Fulfill your personal goal of becoming an author

  • Leave a legacy that will benefit others for years to come

If this is your true desire, but your story remains unwritten, then the question is…why?


  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the scope of the project?

  • Are you so confused by all the details that you don’t know where to start?

  • Do you think you lack the time, knowledge, talent, or persistence to write?

  • Are you afraid of being judged by friends, family, neighbors, colleagues?

  • Are you uncertain about what voice and tone you should use?

  • Are you stumped about how to organize the events of your story?


If one or more of the above reasons resonate with you, then here’s the most important question of all:



Are you ready to break through your doubts and fears and claim your authority?



With my detailed, targeted questions, you will gain clarity concerning your purpose, focus, and direction, form your story arc, and learn how to write your book in small, structured increments that take the stress out of what should, and can, be a loving, joyful experience. I help you answer such questions as:


  • I have several stories that overlap; how do I narrow it down to one?

  • I know what I want to write about, but how and where do I start?

  • There are so many details! How do I decide which ones to include?

  • I have a laundry list of anecdotes. How do I connect them into a story?

  • I've started writing, but now I'm stuck. Where do I go from here?

  • I have a rough draft. How do I turn it into a cohesive, publish-worthy book?

From Sage to PageTM gives you all the basic tools you need to not only write this book, but to carry forward into all your future writing projects. The program begins with a 90-minute Foundation Call during which we'll get clear on what you want to write, why you want to write it, who you're writing for, and how best to accomplish your goals. The program includes weekly 60-minute one-to-one sessions. You'll receive the beneficial structure of weekly assignments and accountability, along with encouragement and access to me via email between sessions.

During our weekly sessions, you'll receive direct, customized feedback from me on the pages you've sent. We'll cover such topics as:

  • The basics of memoir and storytelling

  • How to get clear on your purpose and intention for this book

  • How to focus and streamline the story you most want to tell

  • How to find the voice and tone that best convey your message

  • How to decide which details to leave out and which to keep in

  • How to create scenes that transport your readers into your story

  • How to pull your scenes together into a comprehensive narrative

  • How to craft a satisfying ending for your story

  • The basics of self-editing to polish and refine your manuscript

  • How to get your book into the hands of the people who most need to read it.

I'll show you my method of breaking down your writing project into manageable pieces, making your writing practice a productive pleasure, not a formidable chore. Over the course of these 16 weeks, you will not only receive practical tools for gaining clarity and direction for this and future books, but in being guided and nurtured from concept through the completion of a revised draft of your manuscript, you will also gain the confidence and experience to own and embrace your power as an author.

Life writing can be some of the most difficult writing there is. True, no one knows the details of our lives better than we do, but no one has the same emotional attachments to those details that we do, either. Fortunately, I have 20+ years' worth of writing, editing, and teaching experience, and one of my favorite things to do is help nurture others through their writing processes, challenges, and triumphs. I hold master's degrees in English and in Public Health. My personal and professional journeys have led to experience with senior health issues, suicide prevention, hospice, domestic violence, grief counseling, and crisis intervention. Coaching weaves together my passions for books, healing, and the sharing of knowledge. I've taught nonfiction and life writing classes and led workshops for both adults and teens. In one-to-one coaching, I work very closely with my clients to create a safe, supportive, encouraging space for them to discover their strength through vulnerability, and bring their inner work to outer expression.



This program is for those who:


  • Are passionate about exploring their experience and gaining deeper understanding; sharing their knowledge; uplifting and empowering others; and using the written word to create a powerful legacy.

  • Welcome the tough questions and rigorous introspection that writing entails, and are eager to actively engage in the collaborative process.

  • Are willing to put in the necessary time and effort and follow directions; and who respect others’ time and commitment by meeting deadlines, keeping appointments, and communicating thoughtfully.


If your desire to write your story has brought you this far, then you are a writer. You have the power to master your fears, and own the authority that is your birthright.


Book a free 45-minute Discovery Call to learn more about how From Sage to PageTM can help you write your memoir, and to discuss pricing and payment options.

A Discovery Call is a comprehensive exploratory call that enables us to discover if we're a good fit. Working together is an investment for both of us. Not every program is perfect for every writer, nor is every writer a perfect fit for every program. That's why a variety of programs exist. A focused Discovery Call ensures that everybody wins!


You may have questions about the program. That’s great! I have answers. Here are a few of both.

  • Can I expect to have a complete manuscript by the end of this program?

  • If you come with a solid idea, follow the protocol, and put in the effort, then you will end with a working manuscript. I provide knowledge and guidance, but you are responsible for your success.

  • How often will we meet?

  • We will meet 1:1 once a week, but I will reply to emails in between meetings. 

  • Will we speak on the phone?

  • We can hold our coaching sessions via phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or Google. We decide on that when you sign up for the program. 

  • What if I have to reschedule a 1:1 session?

  • You can reschedule a session by call, text, or email if you give me at least 2 hours' notice before a scheduled meeting. The session can be rescheduled for another day and time during the same week as the cancelled session. If an emergency arises, contact me as soon as possible. No sessions can be scheduled beyond the last week of the program.

​​To learn more about how From Sage to PageTM can help you get your story out of your head to where it belongs, book a free 45-minute discovery call today by clicking the button below, or click here to send me an email. I look forward to speaking with you!

From Sage to PageTM Memoir Writing Program